My first portrait. C & C appreciated

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Re: My first portrait. C & C appreciated

Ok, this is your first portrait and you are out there trying, good for you. First, you need to learn the basics of posing, start here.

As the photographer you always want to complement your subject. Unfortunately, this image does not accomplish that. Your camera angle is much too low for a subject with a double chin. You’re drawing unnecessary attention to her neckline. Raise the camera height above normal position for this subject, maybe eye level or higher for her.

Also, this subject has a fuller face and should be posed in a 2/3’s view of the face. The lighting should be placed to give a loop shadow pattern. She also should be narrowly lit (short lighting) to help slender the face even more. Here is some information:

Maybe this was just a fun snap shot. That’s fine, but again you have the responsibility to direct your subjects in a manner that is pleasing. Portraiture is quite different than a snap shot. Her smile while appearing genuine needs to be a bit less. Simply put there’s too much gum showing.

You’ve heard the cliché the eyes are the windows to the soul. Well the eyes are certainly one of the most important features if not the important feature to good portraiture. Having her eyes closed tells the viewer that she is distant and not willing to be open with us.

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