EOS 850 SLR kit ?

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Re: EOS 850 SLR kit ?

HenryUK wrote:

I'm afraid that this equiment is worth almost nothing nowadays, except the 50 mm f/1.8 lens.

If it's the one with the metal mount and distance scale it's quite sought after. They fetch up to GBP 130 in the UK and maybe USD 150 in the USA.

The other lens will also work with Canon digital SLRs, although it's not a particularly good lens.

The EOS 850 body and the Speedlite 160E are almost worthless.

eBay is the place to see what they are worth and dispose of these items.

Ditto the above. If I still had my Canon DSLR and lenses and was given something like this, Id be tempted to keep it and have the occasional play with it. Film photos have a really nice look to them and I think it would be interesting to shoot Canon digital and film bodies side by side.

If you dont have a Canon DSLR and have no interest in getting one, Id eBay the lot of it and make sure I got a good price for the 50mm 1.8 lens.

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