Help Projector setup for 2nd monitor on Imac

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Re: Thanks Tom

greatphoto wrote:

Looks like I will have to settle for how it is. I thought in this day and age the picture would be outstanding.

You're this day and age, the picture is generally outstanding. But you said you got a "cheap Acer." As with cameras or cars, cheap anything isn't going to be all that outstanding. Cheap cuts corners.

Much earlier, greatphoto wrote:

Yes I did Google and got specs. Native resolution is SVGA 800x600 / 1600 x1200 resized what ever that means.
There is also mentioned Imac DV (G#) 1024x768.

See, this makes me wonder. If the iMac DV G3 was mentioned in the specs or manual for that projector, well, the iMac DV G3 hasn't been manufactured in 11 years. OK, maybe they just recycle their text and don't update it, but 800x600 is more like the resolution of a good projector manufactured back in the iMac DV days. I don't know if mentioning an iMac DV means the projector may have been cheap because it is simply old technology that they're selling.

Your instincts are correct, in this day and age projectors are actually pretty great. But they also are more typically native 1024x768 and higher. I looked at Best Buy and their list of projectors doesn't even start until 1024x768. I did find a bunch of 800x600 projectors at B&H, though. Most are pocket projectors, the rest are the really inexpensive ones intended for home theater or PowerPoint. Including an Acer. 800x600 is actually a somewhat useful resolution for a home theater projector because it's higher than DVD (though well below Blu-ray), but for projection of a computer user interface it is very low resolution since the only computers still using 800x600 are smartphones and cheap netbooks. That might be useful context for that projector.

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