So, what is THE lens for 4/3?

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Steve Bingham
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Re: Don't understand this ..

OK. Here is what I am talking about. Let me tell you what Nikon's top FF lenses are:
1- 14-24 f2.8
2- 24-70 f2.8
3- 70-200 f2.8
4- 300 f2.8
5- 400 f2.8
6- 500 f4
7- 600 f4

Easy. I can do the same for DX. These are considered Nikon's very best without getting into macro or PC lenses. Now do you understand the nature of my question? When I find out what works best with M4/3 I will proceed from there. So far I think I am in overload from the information, but someone out there will nail it. My job is to sift through it and look at MTF charts ad infinitum.

kermitG9 wrote:

What's the point of this question ?

It's like asking: What's the best car ? Maybe it's a Porsche .. but forgot to mention that where you live there no paved road .. or a 4x4 but forgot to mention that you're living in an urban area.

My point is that you're neither saying in which focal length you're interested in .. and not giving any indication whether you need a DOF or not (i.e. indication about aperture).

=> Regardless of the responses you got, the reality is that without further details, there's simply no right answer to your question..

PS: You're defining THE lens in terms of sharpness.. Sorry.. THE lens is the lens that best suits your needs in a given shooting situation.

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