Plenoptics the way forward

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The way to nowhere...

JustFred wrote:

Plentoptics has been mentioned in various forums here on DPR in the past few months

Make that the past few years...

There's hundreds of threads on plenoptic or lightfield cameras. Here's one from 6 years ago, almost to the day. (There seems to be a flurry of them every Valentine's day. Perhaps that's when one of the researchers does his grant applications).

remember that word as it might just be the future of Digital Photography.

Or it just might be going nowhere.

You don't get a practical plenoptic camera unless you have about 256x more pixels than you need for a particular output resolution on a FF camera (that would allow f1.4 to be decimated to f22). So, for a 12mp output (the minimum by 2011 standards) you need a 3 gigapixel sensor.

Sure, videos of the plenoptic camera "refocusing" look really "kewl" as 0.3mp (640x480) videos embedded in web pages, but in the real world, in the last decade of research, no one has succeeded in doing anything actually useful with them.

It's curious that in some of your other crossposted threads (you should stop that, incidentally) you point to an article about why 3D will fail, but in 2011, the plenoptic camera grant hunters are frequently talking about "single lens 3D" as the "refocusing" demos are getting really long in the tooth.

wizfaq plenoptic

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