So, what is THE lens for 4/3?

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Re: I see a 35-100 f2

Thanks, Joseph. This micro 4/3 is all new to me, but I am getting a lot of good help.

JosephScha wrote:

Please be aware that the 35-100 f/2 is a 4/3 lens, not a "micro 4/3" lens. You have a GH2, that's a "micro 4/3" camera. You can mount any 4/3 lens on you GH2 with an adapter.

The link in my previous post was to the micro 4/3 lenses, so you must have clicked through to the four thirds lenses.

Four thirds lenses are larger than the same focal length micro four thirds lenses. That's because 4/3 lenses have a larger mount to sensor distance - they have to, to leave room for the swinging mirror in four thirds DSLRs such as Olympus E series.

Micro 4/3 cameras - as you know - don't have that swinging mirror. So the flange to sensor distance is about half that of a conventional DSLR. Since the rear element of the lens is closer to the sensor, the size of the whole lens can be shorter, and the front element doesn't have to be as wide for the same f/ stop.

If there was a micro four thirds 35-100 f2 it would be somewhat smaller and lighter than the four thirds version. Maybe someday it will exist. Hey, now that Sigma and Zeiss have joined the micro four thirds consortium there should be more micro four thirds lenses soon.

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