Eye-Fi card in a 1D MK IV

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It's almost uncanny...

customminds wrote:

heh - I think they only have one Customer Support employee.

... and...

that employee plays online all day (just focuses on dpreview's forums)

In the last few days, having remembered that Ziv had posted this here almost 1 1/2 months ago http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1032&message=37308020 and being in sore need of an Android solution, I contacted their Customer Support (...which has an entry "Pre-Sales" as a contact header...) with the following question:

" Hi, I need a Pro X2 to be used in a Canon 1DMKIV with an ad-hoc connection to an Android OS device, (data bank and image checking device). I see you recently launched an iPhone app. When will an Android based one be available.? Thanks! "

(I didn't know then that the iPhone App has actually nothing to do with the Eye-fi cards. It is just another app that allows pictures taken with the iPhone to be uploaded to the web/cloud, through their system).

For it, I received this almost surrealistic reply:

" Hello Humberto. Thank you for contacting Eye-Fi Customer Care.We do not comment about future product features or developments. Because such requests in the forums are monitored by the product development team, you have a direct way to influence the direction of our products. I would recommend that you post your request in the Feature Requests part of the forum at: http://forums.eye.fi . Please feel free to contact us again if you have questions and or need help with your new card.
Kind regards,

This triggered this, admittedly, irate response from me:

"Dear Sirs,
Thank you for your (non) reply.

I cannot even start to phantom why a customer support for a Company will even consider replying to a potential customer who mentioned a specific requirement the way you did.

Of course I can always participate in forums (yours or other's) and exchange ideas and suggestions in there. To expect that channel to substitute direct, frank exchanges with your (potential) customers is a surprisingly marketing mis-centered idea for such a tech-revolutionary centered company like yours.

A quick search in the referenced forum returned a 1 year-old thread where one of your collaborators was asking what specific functions the participants where looking after by that time. Do you really think any potential customer is going to keep waiting for some possible or not possible interaction with your developers about the same subject in that very same forum, one year after it has been initially mentioned there?

The only reason I am replying the way I am to your almost surrealistic answer is because I've been following your company efforts and products for quite some time and really find your ideas and technical implementations truly revolutionary. However, marketing, product-development and support wise I have seen (or been advised) time and time again how you are completely misdirected, in stark contrast with your technical prowess.

(Hint: What is the point in working so hard, as you've been doing, in providing the ability to directly upload pictures to social sites on the net, when the wi-fi accessed devices they're going through already have that capacity, while so lightly betting on the capacity do transfer photos to a device through ad-hoc connections, which is a common necessity for both amateurs and professionals alike?)

For the sake of true innovation and survival of truly differentiated tech companies, please get your act together.
Best Regards.

Then , I dig a bit deeper only to find out that they actually already did made an announcement about the subject, last month at CES!

Today, I sent this:

" Dear Sirs,

I now see that you've actually made an announcement at CES (...in the format of a formal press release, no less...) about this subject, something that you not even had the courtesy to refer me to.

Can I now try to engage you a minimum level of customer support by answering the following question? :

Once the already announced Direct Mode is implemented will the currently offered 8Gb ProX card be backwards compatible with it?

Hoping this question will not disturb your "No-Show / No-Tell" customer-aggressive policy,
Best Regards.

In a not-that-surprising turn-face regarding not commenting upcoming features, I finally managed to extract this:

Hello Humberto,
Thank you for contacting Eye-Fi Customer Care.

Direct Mode will be available to all Eye-Fi X2 card owners. The feature will be backwards compatible for customers who already own X2 cards via a firmware upgrade.

Please feel free to contact us again if you have questions or would like further assistance.
Kind regards,

I know I should care a bit less for things like this...but, believe or not, it really breaks my heart (...and patently tickles my nerves, lol...) when a great/idea product (...and this is one of the most revolutionary ones I've seen in years...) gets hammered by lack of attention to marketing and customer support.


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