Eye-Fi card in a 1D MK IV

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Re: eye fi customer support contact information

Not sure if you guys are just messing around, but I've called the Eye-Fi support # twice and gotten pretty good tech support service (from two different people ) They answered the phone pretty qucikly and were able to resolve my issues in a few minutes (well my Eye-fi issues at least )

However, support by email is abysmal. I emailed first regarding the same two issues I called on and it was 7-10 days before they even acknowledged my initial emails. I would have never gotten help that way.

On a somewhat related issue, my Eye-Fi card still craps out after being filled to around 1GB-2GB of data. I have to constantly reformat it and then it works fine again. This is the second X2Pro card (returned the first to Amazon) and I installed the newest firmware when I got it. I notice this both my 60D and 5DII. The 60D never had any other issues with SD cards becoming corrupted so I don't believe it is a problem with the camera.

Also - for anyone interested, I'm using the Eye-Fi card in my 5DII via the CF> SD adapter Eye-Fi is now unoffically recommending. As long as you're in the same room as your primary router, you're OK. The range/transfer speeds are bad enough on my 60D, but using the aforementioned CF> SD adapter in the 5DII limits range even more. (Yes, I tore off the front metal plate on the adapter but I haven't noticed any improvement.) So I wouldn't recommend this solution to anyone shooting in large, obstructed spaces, and also wouldn't bother with RAW files (large .jpgs take long enough) unless you're right on top of your router.

Not sure if ad hoc networks are really any better, and I replaced my G router with an N router but saw no improvement. I eventually went back to my G router and setup the N router as a wireless repeater for the G router in my shooting area (the G router is in another room). I noticed a moderate improvement, but still not what I would call speedy. Still, having the ability to view images on my computer while shooting is enough of a plus that I'm sticking with it - even if those images take a few minutes to arrive on said computer.
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