NEW To Light [confused] (lots of questions)

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Re: NEW To Light [confused] (lots of questions)

Light is the most important thing in photography and that is very complex subject. That's why there is so many different type of light etc.

Im not looking into spending a lot of money for now. I need something in the middle. That's why I decided to go with big softbox and strobe and even with modeling light if I can get one and this should go fine with my umbrella and 580ex. And softbox maybe even with fluorescent lights for video

And Im very familiar with Kelby Training, very good site and videos

Thanks for you answer

Sailor Blue wrote:

You really need to do one thing before spending a lot of money - spend a few $ on some or training courses on photography, and specifically on model/portrait/glamor photography.

Just a month's or two's subscription on either of these tutorial sites will answer most of your questions. In the mean time think about the advice you have already been given. It boils down to this:

Continuous lights using CFL's with CRI's of 90% or higher are great for tabletop photography. They are not as good as strobes for model/portrait/glamor photography since they have to be so bright that they cause squinting, which is about the quickest way to ruin an image other than getting the focus or exposure wrong.

Strobes are best for model/portrait/glamor photography.

Diffusers reduce or eliminate specular highlights on subjects, i.e. shinny spots or areas on skin. The closer a diffuser is to the subject, the softer the light. The larger the subject, the larger the diffuser needed - approximately the same diagonal as the size of the subject.

Now go subscribe to one of those tutorial sites.

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