So, what is THE lens for 4/3?

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14-54mkII or maybe wait?

For use on a m4/3 camera, I think the 14-54mm mkII (CDAF optimised) is the best bet at the moment. It does become a bit big on one of the PENs (with the adapter), but at least it will have the fast focusing. It's a great value/quality lens.

I have the mkI lens; it is my favourite allround lens on the E-520 DSLR. But on the E-PL1 I hardly use it due to size + weight (not even bothered by slower AF that much).

The 12-60 is also a great lens, I've seen some great pics in combo with E-PL1 on this forum. The extra reach in both directions is also nice. But it is even bigger and heavier than the 14-54. It will also focus slower (SWD does not equal CDAF optimised).

If you're looking for this kind of lens, have no prior investment in 4/3 lenses, and money is no object, wait for more news on the rumoured 12-50mm f/2.5-3.3 by Panasonic. That will be optimised for use on m4/3 cameras, and be much more comfortable in use than the bigger and heavier DSLR lenses.

Steve Bingham wrote:

In terms of resolution, what would be the sharpest lens for 4/3? This one? Olympus Zuiko Digital ED 12-60mm f/2.8-4. Price is no object.

As I am a Nikon person (40 years worth), I am not that familiar with the Olympus and Panasonic lenses. I would like a zoom lens rather than a fixed focal length.
Steve Bingham

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