So, what is THE lens for 4/3?

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Re: So, what is THE lens for 4/3?

JB Digital wrote:

Panasonic lenses are better, but more expensive.

Umm, better for what? Pany 7-14 is optically better than Oly 9-18. At the same time 9-18 is better for all practical purposes (not just price), unless you really need 7 and 8mm. Oly 75-300 is significantly better optically than Pany 100-300. However, at Oly asking price it's only better at test charts, most sane people would likely skip it. IMHO Oly 14-42 (both I and II) is an absolutely brilliant lens, far better than Pany 14-45 due to its size/weight and macro (I), but then there are those that prefer 14-45 due to slight IQ edge.

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