Can you burn to a CD in 64 bit Lightroom 3.3?

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Re: Can you burn to a CD in 64 bit Lightroom 3.3?

Lightroom provides a method to burn converted/edited images directly onto a CD or DVD. An important aspect of LR is that the images you see when inside the program, do not each correspond to an individual source file on disk. They depend on these, but then you get LR to apply further "live" modifications.

  • The file on disk still displays only what was originally imported into LR - the unedited image, iow

  • There may be several virtual copies in LR, each with a different appearance, all relating to just one original camera file.

The convenience of burning straight to DVD from LR is that you can select a format (say, TIFF) and LR will build all the necessary image data on-the-fly and that is what goes onto the DVD, effectively all in one step. This option does not yet work in the 64-bit version.

It is still possible to save image files onto CD or DVD, though by a more indirect method.

You cannot just burn your image files as they currently stand, as you could do with a program like Photoshop (which hard-saves changes visibly as you edit). With Lightroom, you will need to export some new files that "fix in" your LR adjustments, e.g. into TIFF, and burn those as edited images onto the disk. (These exported files should not be re-imported into LR.) Then you will probably just delete these intermediate files, once their job is done.

Most current or recent computer operating systems have disk burning already built-in. It is just a question of finding out how. Or if you prefer, there are free or cheap disk burning utilities available.

LR just conveniently automates this whole sequence (export-burn-delete) for you - except in the 64-bit version, for some reason. A manual export-burn-delete is really not that much harder IMO; and if you wanted to make more than one archive copy at the same time, it may even be a more efficient way to do that.


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