X100 Photos from CP+ Expo Yokohama Japan 10 Feb 2011

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Re: hmmmmm

Tee1up wrote:


Deep, deep down we all want to leave our canon ball sized cameras at home. As well, the x100 appears to be something that we Leica wanters-can't havers- might sneak up on and possibly take home. For me, it comes down to being sick of camera menus. I've been shooting for decades and do not need to coast through esoteric and mostly useless "effects" in order to get my shot. I want to have solid dials, dependable clickers and good glass almost exclusively. Something I have not had since I sold my F3Hp.

Yep! but look at all the variables we used to have to sort through in the old
film speeds, wonky light meters, developers, temperatures,
the eternal wait to see the results.

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