Acute 2r 1200 or Acute 2r 2400-wich one?

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Re: Acute 2r 1200 or Acute 2r 2400-wich one?

Some thoughts.

Last I checked the 2400 has a fan, the 1200 does not. The 2400 will hold up better if shooting long and fast. My 1200 popped and smoked, I had to send it in for repair. No idea if lack of fan was the reason, just saying. The customer service on the repair was great by the way. I bought a 2400 the next week.

The price difference between 'r' and non 'r' is greater than the cost of a pocketwizard transceiver. Heck, you can get 2 of them. They are great for remotely firing a camera as well as a flash.

There are reported problems with the built-in receiver on battery power. The draw goes down and the unit forgets the channel. Not sure if that's been fixed.

The Acute line is fine for fashion, though the 8 is definitely better. I have a twin head, when I need speed, I rent another 2400 pack.

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