Oly E510 or E-PL1

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Re: Oly E510 or E-PL1

I have both.

Everything said about the E510 previously is true. It blows highlights. The wacky workaround is to shoot on RAW and underexpose your shots. Then you have to recover them with PP. Its high ISO sucks. That workaround means shutting off the noise reduction and also shooting RAW. Then you can use noise reduction software to remove the grain while trying to keep details. Arrgggh! I went back to JPG mostly (still use RAW if light is bad), meter very carefully, and take the EPL1 if I need ISO 1600.

The newer EPL1 probably has the same weaknesses as the E510, but the in-camera JPG engine is far superior in overcoming them. If someone were to say the EPL1 blows away the E510 at both high ISO and out-of-camera JPG, I would agree, Less complaints about blown highlights. I use it at ISO 2000 happily. I don't need RAW. It will also play better with legacy lenses, although the 2x crop factor restricts most users to longer focal lengths..

Drawback of the EPl1 is lack of eye level electronic viewfinder. The separate VF2 adds an additional $200. The VF2 is useful in bright sun, and when using longer lenses. It's also a slower camera, but with good technique, sports shots are possible. Controls are funky, if used to a DSLR, but you can learn them.

For value, the E510 with two lenses is more versatile as a general purpose camera if you learn to live with its limits. For smallness, the EPL1 wins, and it does have video.

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