I find this surprising! - or am I just plain ignorant?

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I find this surprising! - or am I just plain ignorant?

Before reading below it did not cross my mind that one could print "excellent" and "high" quality prints on paper not initially produced for printing.
I would be happy to hear views on this and thank you in advance.

My printer is an hp Photosmart Pro B8850 using hp No. 38 Vivera Pigment Ink and Canson Infinity and Hahnemuhle FineArt Inkjet paper.

Information discovered in this forum:

I print on the quite thick Canson Montval watercolour paper and on their thinner (not bad though) Basik watercolour paper. Latter comes in 20 sheet pads for A3+ and out here is around 10 euros for that pack. I do use inkjetfly.com pigmented inks and print quality is excellent. Any art shop should be able tosupply that for you but try a search online for Canson watercolor papers as I know there are a number of suppliers - and some have sample packs of different Canson papers.

Basik and Montval are heavyweight 370gsm products - available in pads of 20 sheets - up to A3+ or in packs of 8 or 10 sheets for Montval in larger sizes. You should be able to get A4 without any problem, either from an art shop or via post. Both are quite inexpensive. There are other Basik weights, like Debujo at 150gsm.
A lighter 190gsm excellent product is Geler Mate

You should be able to find an online supplier (if no local art shop) via google search. Note that Cartridge papers, like watercolour ones, are also acid free and many papers available in low cost pads of varying sizes. Ideally, get pads with gummed edge. The spiral bound pads mean a need to trim before use. Pigment inks are best of course but good dye inks can provide high quality prints too.

MOAB provide free profiles for their papers but I have found if you try one or more of their profiles - just selecting nearest description - you will get good quality. Here's a link - but just find page for your printer for appropriate profile choices.

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