GH2 Wide Angle .45x Converter WORKS GREAT!

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Re: Are all the Opteka .45x HD² Wide Angle Lens the same thred?

Yea the out of focus area around the edge is not ideal. However, these adapters are meant for one specific type of picture. That picture is one where the subject is in the center and the outer edges are only useful to give you an idea of what the overall shape is.

For example: in the car photo the eagle and the really cool wheel were the main subjects. I could have shot them at 14mm but you wouldn’t have been able to tell they were on a car. Basically, if you would shoot the picture with such a shallow depth of field that most of the outer edge would be out of focus then these adapters “might” work as well.

These adapters definitely are not meant for pictures that you are going to print. They work well for distributing at small resolutions on the web and the adapters are very useful for video as well. For the $30 I spent I am happy with mine. However, I will buy the 7-14mm with IS or the 12-50mm as soon as they come out. The adapter is just something to get by on until those lenses come out or forever(whichever comes first).

kurth wrote:

ok those look better - the motorhome and the cars ....but only when the subject is up close - the original street scenes are still bad - and in the cars , the background is also out of focus - don´t know if this is brokeh or the lens isn´t for distance - so maybe it´s a solution for video when the subject is closeup ...but for photography ....maybe for the web ...maybe

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