New 200-400/f4 - Thank you Canon!!!

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Re: New 200-400/f4 - Thank you Canon!!!

I bought a used 300 F2.8 last year and do most of my bird photos with it. Still have my 100-400L as it is very lightweight compared to the 300 and versatile. The 200-400 won't be very hand holdable unless you have a pair of pythons for arms, though perhaps with practice it will get more tolerable.

Pice wise Canon's newer lenses seem to all be slightly higher than Nikon's so guess we were spolied in the past and didn't realize it! My guess is this beat will be closer to $7995 USD which will keep me out of the hunt, though for what I do it would be the near perfect lens!

rwbaron wrote:

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rwbaron wrote:

addition. I just hope the price isn't too wonky.


Expect in the region of $6,500+ - So start saving!

I agree and at that price I expect the IQ to be stellar.


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