Nikon 500mm f4.0 vs Canon 500mm f4.0

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Re: Nikon 500mm f4.0 vs Canon 500mm f4.0

The Canon 500 is probably just as good as the Nikon but once you get used to a brand and have several boxes, you hate to change brands just for the sake of saving one or two thousand dollars. If you can afford that type of luxury, you are not seriously bothered by the extra expense.

On the other hand, assuming that you are a Nikon shooter, with a D700, a D300 and a backup D90, you would not be able to use the Canon 500 on the other boxes and would be obliged to switch to the canon box, which you will have to investigate the particular idiosyncracies with its learning curve.

Very few people will jump straight into a 500 without previously having a serious investment in lenses, boxes and proficiency in a particular brand.

Those are the real life issues and Nikon, who knows its custmers, counts on those to keep their, more expensive, long tele market, which by the way, is much smaller than Canon's with all its supported sports shooters. Peter

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