GH2 Wide Angle .45x Converter WORKS GREAT!

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Are all the Opteka .45x HD² Wide Angle Lens the same thred?

Are all the Opteka .45x HD² Wide Angle Lens the same thred diameter?

i.e. 52mm and then with adaptor to the lx5 or G10 whatever?

I just ordered this one:

As it was the only one I could see (bar same for nikon 6000) in the UK and I dont want to play with impot etc...

All the photos I can see in any of the adds, do not have the thread size clear - its on the top and fuzzy - I think it says 58mm!!!! that would be a no go for me!

Will these be all the same?
What does the print say on the box in the adds?

I can't seem to find an add that specks thread size???!
Maybe I ordered in too much haste?! - but I'm going away on friday... b0ll0x!

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