GH2 Wide Angle .45x Converter WORKS GREAT!

Started Feb 2, 2011 | Discussions thread
ashatron Senior Member • Posts: 1,003
Re: Works great?!?!

im sorry but the OP's wide angle adapter to my eyes, doesnt look great, doesnt appear to be sharp even in the center of the frame.

But then again .45 is a massive step in FOV, so its very hard to get sharpness.

Aljudy's wide angle converter looks great, the extra fov gained still looks fairly sharp.

aljudy wrote:

Im very pleased with my olympus a-28 .08 wide angle converter, according to people who test a lot of wide angle converters, it among the best -

more importantly the OP is happy and appears to be having fun, so good on ya, enjoy it dude

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