Pentax K-5 raw noise reduction?

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Re: Pentax K-5 raw noise reduction?

Sten E wrote:

The Pentax K-5 camera has some parameters for noise reduction.
But what happens when you shoot in raw format, like in DNG as I do?

Does the camera perform noise reduction on the raw file that it produces? If not, where is it possible to do noise reduction (NR) on a raw file? In Adobe Camera Raw (ACR)? Does NR take place when I open the picture from ACR to Photoshop CS3? Or can I do NR in CS3? Or in a later version of CS? Or only in the Pentax provided software Pentax Digital Camera Utility?

Sten, what Mike (mike703) has written in your thread is correct but not quite complete: while the Noise Reduction (NR) settings you mention above do only apply to the in-camera conversion of raw to output JPEG files, there is another compulsory raw NR that is always applied before those settings and does affect the raw data recorded in the raw image file for ISO's of 3200 and higher.

As you can't do anything about this compulsory NR, you shouldn't worry about it (other than you may as well be aware that it is there); be assured that it is not very destructive to image detail as it is applied to the actual individual colour photosite data before demosiacing (conversion to RGB data per pixel location) and isn't all that strong so that there is only a very slight drop in maximum detail resolution which is probably less than the loss of detail resulting from the usual amount of NR you will generally apply in post processing anyway. This compulsory raw NR is at a constant strength once it kicks in at the ISO 3200 threshold, and you can neither adjust that strength nor the threshold at which it kicks in.

Regards, GordonBGood

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