xz-1 corner and edge detail outstanding?

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Re: xz-1 corner and edge detail outstanding?

frigoa wrote:

When I look at the studio scene comparison review page, it seems like the XZ-1 is capturing more detail in the corners than just about every other camera, more than some high-end DSLRs. Is this just the effect of sharpening or is the lens that sharp? Specifically look at the black lines in the middle of the hour marks on the watch face in the lower right corner. Also look at the text on the page at middle-bottom of the scene.

There was a similar thread about a week ago on Open Talk http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1018&message=37653377 ) where someone asked about these black lines. My two replies from that thread:

1) "It´s explained right above: "The image quality at ISO 100 is really impressive, with the camera capturing great levels of detail and then applying a fair amount of sharpening to make it really jump out. Fine low-constrast detail isn't a strength but generally the XZ-1 puts in a very impressive performance."
So the black lines are fine detail the other ones can´t capture."

2) "What else I could imagine is that it might make a difference that the cameras didn´t look at the watch from 100% exactly the same position, so maybe these slightly different positions give different degrees of reflection from the white marks, making the black bars partially or completely invisible in some cases.

The only other idea that comes to my mind is different noise reduction algorithms.

Maybe if the black bar is not showing completely (for whatever reason), but just little parts and dots of it, the camera maybe sees these black dots as noise and gets rid of them when applying auto noise filtering, while the Oly algorithms try to keep more of the fine detail. Keeping fine detail seems to be Oly´s credo for 2011, E-5 and maybe this one, too."


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