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Re: polarabbit

Read my post again, I said "it cost me only £120 and my used X1" meaing that I sold my X1 and for the money I got from that plus £120 is what the GXR, 28, 50 & EVF cost me, yes it was cheap, I purchsed from a shop that did not hold stock but has the items delivered direct to the customer from Ricoh here in the UK.

that samples I recall seeing of yours were taken from a roof top and didn't seem to have a focual point, no large solid areas either, I pointed all this out from what I saw in the original samples, what I said about the samples was that the sky showed a high amount of patterned noise, have a look at them for yourself, maybe its the way which they were converted or resized/compressed I don't know, that was the point, all I did was comment on what I had seen, I said I didn't own the camera and that my comment was only based upon those samples.

what happend to the NX10? well I bought another one for my wife last week, the NX10 and GXR are different and both have their uses.

just accect that your comments and pursuit of me where pointless and move on

polarabbit wrote:

there is no need for me to comment on the GXR's noise level because your opinion is the only one of its kind I have heard or read and i can confirm with my own observations.

my samples were of no use to you? you were the one who asked for them in the first place and i gave you links to FULL SIZE samples. is there any reason why they are of NO USE to you?

what happened to the Samsung that you praised so highly after only owning it for 3 days? i thought that was supposed to be the perfect aps-c camera according to your expertise experience with it.

hard to believe that the GXR with the two A12 modules and EVF only cost you 120 pounds. i suppose it's only the body. so what's the total cost for the body plus two A12 modules plus the EVF? sounds like a material investment to me, and one that definitely costs more than your Samsung with one lens kit I am quite sure. maybe you can confirm that.

Austin101 wrote:
polarabbit, my opinion of those samples hasn't changed and in fact I do see
patterned noise under some conditions, mainly on solid plain areas.

I like the GXR and I have the 28, 50 and EVF, it's a fun camera to use and while I'm not so keen on colour images from it RAW files do convert well to B&W and have a nice look that I like a lot.

I've no idea why I've had to repeat myself time and time again but my original comment was based on samples posted online from the GXR, one thing I've noticed is that you've never commended on those said samples so I take it that you agree.

I know that you posted samples from your own GXR but I didn't find them of any use as a reference to the GXR image quality or high iso performance.

I do think that the GXR is a flawed system but it cost me only £120 and my used X1 so not much of a biggy really.

btw, I'm out of the UK at the moment with no access to my normal system and CutterUK account details, hence the reason for the new ID

polarabbit wrote:

yep, i do know that. i have the GXR and all four modules and i love the A12s and agree totally with what you said.

my remarks to Cutter was meant to be sarcastic; about a month ago he questioned the GXR A12's ISO performance so I shared with him some full size samples but he was so sure that I had post processed the pictures because they were different from what he saw on Steve Huff's website. Of course this is coming from someone who has not even seen the camera in real life yet he was so sure his view was correct based on some hearsay evidence...

and guess what, now he has ordered the GXR A12 modules himself...go figure. i don't expect him to respond because any response will just make him sound even more ridiculous...he is quite an individual. check his posting history.

Harold66 wrote:

polarabbit wrote:

did you say you have just ordered the GXR with both the 28 and 50mm modules? i thought you didn't think much of the GXR...it's noisy even at low ISO, no?

No why would you think that . It is the same sensor that was in the K_X and the d300s
the quality is very high all the way to 1600 iso


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