X100 Photos from CP+ Expo Yokohama Japan 10 Feb 2011

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Re: X100 Photos from CP+ Expo Yokohama Japan 10 Feb 2011

Here's my "review" of CP+


My first camera show - do they all reek with such sexism or is it just Japan?

However, I visited the X100!

I guess the firmware is not yet finished, but I managed to crash it twice. I guess that's why the minders were on hand - to "reboot" the cameras.

The camera felt nice, but surely a camera such as this must be fast to operate - as fast as an SLR. It isn't. At least not with the present firmware. At present I can see no advantage over my D90 with a 2.8 24mm lens (a combination that I use a lot).

Sony had the best booth. They had cyclists speeding about doing tricks on a track and a bunch of their translucent cameras out for you to try to shoot the action. Sigma also were fun, with a desk where you could try any of their lenses on any camera body.


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