Snowmobile Pics from 3rd Race

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My bad, assuming that they were taken with a 7d. Still, I enjoyed the photos. Your ears must still be ringing with all of those beasts turning over...

silmarie wrote:

Thanks for the comments. I have the 50D and not the 7D. I'm really happy with it, the performance is great, so I'm not upgrading any time soon. I'm glad that you found a camera that give you the IQ that you are looking for. Happy shooting!!

Adam2 wrote:

silmarie wrote:

Hi everybody,

Just want to share some pictures from the 3rd race. It was by far the warmest but tomorrow (the 4th race) is going to top that. It will be in the 30's and with a few flurries. They are taken with the Canon 50D and the EF 100-400L IS, handheld. C&C are always welcomed.

Nice. I could never get my 7d to perform for sports consistently, particularly during sequences. The camera could never focus properly especially when moving objects were coming towards the camera and at best I would get about a 50% in focus rate. It went back to CPS several times and they kept indicating that the camera was in-spec and suggested that I send in the lenses. Well, I knew that the lenses weren't the problem as they focused perfectly on my 1dmkII's and 5d.

In the end, I sold the 7d and bought a used 1dmkIII - all I can say is wow. Tonight, while shooting hockey through the glass in the typically poorly lit rink at ISO 3200 all, and I mean all photos were sharp, sharp, sharp. Not a missed focus in the bunch even at 10 fps.

Sorry, to digress but obviously your 7d is performing for you. Enjoy.

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