No HDR for me... Am I alone? [IMGS]

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No HDR for me... Am I alone? [IMGS]

No HDR for me. Regardless of some very well done exceptions (like John's recent Fractal Sunset picture), I am not generally charmed by HDR.

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> I simply hate it when the effect is too much "in my face", making the photo look unrealistic and synthetic.

--> But even when done really well, I often have an uneasy feeling when looking at a photo that tells me I am seeing more detail than I ought to be seeing.

Maybe I just like clair-obscur in a subjective way, or the fact that many scenes in real life have their share of dark parts.

Am I alone in this?

Maybe I am naive, but I like the following pictures as they are, and I really don't think that an HDR treatment (bracketing, etc) would have improved them. Reality is what it is : some information gets hidden. And that is fine.

(samples from trips in recent years - maybe I will add exterior shots with limited DR in a reply post)

Please share your thoughts and examples :

  • shots in which there are clearly light (even blown) and dark (even clipped) parts, that could have gotten an HDR treatment but you chose not to (and tell us why, if you want);

  • shots on which you did apply some major or minor technique or HDR, and with which you want to convince me.

(One more thought to spark discussion :

  • I am aware of the argument that the human eye is capable of more dynamic range than the photo sensor (or film), and the conclusion that HDR just restores what the eye could have seen and the sensor couldn't.

  • From most HDR that I have seen, I don't really buy into that argument : my eye did not see that!

  • More importantly : I don't need a photograph to represent exactly what the eye can see. Sometimes, a certain lack of DR can be a blessing in disguise, resulting in direction of the eye to what the photographer wants to show, rather than to what the unguided spectator could have seen.)

Roel Hendrickx

lots of images :

my E-3 user field report from Tunisian Sahara:

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