D7000 is FANTASTIC but... (long+videos+pics)

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D7000 is FANTASTIC but... (long+videos+pics)

Having owned the D7K since Nov 2010, I had been travelling for a month with it and up till now I have taken over 9200+ pics using 3 lenses (35mm/1.8G, 16-85mm and 60mm/2.8G). I guess I am qualified to provide a user review of this camera?

I did not do extensive tripod/focus testing but I did do real life shooting 90% of the 9200+ shots taken. Most of them were photos taken when I was travelling to Australia and the Far East back in Dec. 30% was mostly London street photography and 10% tripod test images in various lighting conditions.

Are there any problems?

Yes. Auto focus is particularly problematic in tungsten but OK-ish in daylight with certain lenses. In my case, the 35mm needs -13 fine tune in any lighting conditions and the 16-85mm also needed -13 at 85mm but this causes problem at 18mm, so I just switched off the fine tune when using the zoom lens. My 60mm/2.8G is absolutely spot on even in tungsten lighting condition. My conclusion is that the D7K has lower AF tolerance than other bodies - this may explain why so many complains about AF problems? The fact that my 60mm lens did not require fine tuning suggests that the D7K AF system is fine. However, I do think that there is a real AF problem in tungsten lighting irrespective of which lens one uses. I do hope that firmware update could fix this problem.

Any other cons?

This is my personal opinion for my style of shooting and I think that the Flash AutoISO is purely a scandal to say the least!! I have to remember to turn off AutoISO when using flash. Fortunately, I don't use flash much. I do agree with DPreview that the AutoISO implementation could be better - its algorithm should incorporate 1/focal length rule for zoom lenses into account. Noise is decent up to 3200. At 6400, depending on lighting condition, images are often too noisy despite max noise reduction.

Why haven't I sent it to Nikon?

Because I do not think my AF problem warrants a repair at this stage, I can still cope with fine tuning for my fav lens 35mm/f1.8 (and that my 60mm does not need any AFT). I am waiting to see if there might be a firmware fix in the meantime.

My Conclusion?

In short the D7K is a fantastic camera to use - love the ergonomics. I am sure most if not all people will agree with me on this. Overall, I am not too happy regarding the AF issues but I have now gone past my contemplation of selling it on ebay. I am slowly adapting to the new reality. Take home message: Don't expect miracles, D7K was over hyped (for my liking, noise level is only good up to 3200)! That said, the fact that I am keeping it means that pros out weighs cons. The D7K is a great camera with great potential. If it wasn't the above mentioned issues, I would have given it 90+%. As it stands...I agree with DPreview's rating at 80%. Nothing is perfect.

What about its Video?

GREAT to say the least! I don't really use videos that much but beginning to like it Check out some of my youtube clips below:

You might have seen my pics before but below are some samples from the 3 lenses I own. Any comments welcome! Do apologise for the lack of EXIF - blame Lightroom's web gallery exported images


35mm f1.8:

60mm f2.8 G:

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