Old Nikon lenses on an S3Pro

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Re: Old Nikon lenses on an S3Pro

I've confirmed that af confirmation will work even with old pre-ai lenses (tried a 28 f/3.5 in my case). Just half press the shutter release to activate the indicators along the bottom of the viewfinder. Furthest to the left side is a big green dot that lights up when the lens in in focus. If the focus is way off, there is no light, but as the focus gets closer the green dot will blink, and then turn solid when focus is best (but a warning: this is not too precise). Also, you need to shoot in full manual. P, S, and A will not function. Metering is not possible, but,as Claypaws noted, you can call up an immediate display of the post-capture image and histogram before it is written to the card. So, you can check your guestimated exposure and discard the image if the exposure is wrong. The S5 is different because it uses the D200 body. It has the aperture following ring that allows the meter to work with ai and ais lenses. Hope this is helpful!

Mark Carr wrote:


Would you kindly let me know how this done, as I use the Nikon 105mm f2.5 AIS, 25-50mm f4 AIS, Nikon 50-135mm f3.5 AIS lenses. I know that on the S5 you can meter with them, but always understood that the S3 would not meter or confirm correct focus.



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