Guidance lighting a large group indoors needed

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Re: Lessons from Almari's picture

Just a couple more thoughts on technique.

  • Place your umbrellas as close as possible to the group - so they are just out of the frame of the image.

  • Your flashes don't have to work so hard if you can hand-hold a slower shutter speed (or use a tripod with s slower shutter speed). More ambient light is captured and the flashes don't need to output so much power.

  • Even with steps - I will always use a short stepladder to get up a little higher to create more separation between the rows.

  • The focal length that you use is not as critical as the distance of your umbrellas / softboxes to the group. If I wasn't using a flash on camera for center fill - I could easily have moved further away from the group and got exactly the same image at 35mm as opposed to the 24mm that I did use.

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