Looking for some D7000 Very high ISO.............

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Of course they're post-ed

They're obviously post-worked (not in a "bad" obvious but a good obvious).

If you do a lot of post work you can begin to see the tell-tale, faint signs of NR "detail" reduction (i'm not sure if it's real detail since these are ISO6400 so you're fighting noise) or other processing techniques.

Not in every shot obviously, but for instance if people are too careless with NR on high ISO people shots, they look "plastic" You learn to know this look and know it's been posted.

Not to insult the great zoo shots, they certainly don't look plastic, but to me I can tell (from looking at the fur) the photos appear to have undergone careful NR and sharpening routines. They turned out nicely, but the detail is in how the hair is rendered on the animals - a Low ISO image is going to look different than a High ISO that's been skillfully processed (though hopefully pretty close).

Now I could be a fool and very little post has been done, that would be egg on my face

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