DMC-FZ50 at ISO=100 - JPG vs. RAW ( LR 3.3)

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Re: DMC-FZ50 at ISO=100 - JPG vs. RAW ( LR 3.3)

Detail Man wrote:

Using a FZ50 ISO=100 JPG recorded and graciously provided by Dr. JC ("Jimmy") Brown, I recently spent several hours processing Jimmy's (also provided) RAW shot recorded in sequence using Lightroom 3.3 (LR 3.3).


How does the overall (apparent, visually perceived) color-rendering compare?

How does the (apparent, visually perceived) fine-detail resolution compare?

How does the (apparent, visually perceived) signal/noise ratio compare?

Note: Full-sized Original image-files are available for download in my DPR Gallery.

Hi DM,

As the only PT Forum member who has access to the copy of the Fujiicolor test chart which was used in recording the original RAW and Fine JPEG images I feel that it is only fair that I should respond to your questions.

Although I don't have a calibrated display on my PC to my eyes the colours in the LR3.3 processed image are very similar to those of the original and significantly and closer to them than those of the JPEG.

While there are small differences between the fine detail in the two images I regard these as fairly insignificant. Much more noticeable is the failure of both images to match the resolution of a Fuji ISO 100 colour slide taken with my Minolta X-700 film SLR with its 50 mm prime lens.

While for both digital images it is clear that the 4.0 lp/mm grids consist of 5 lines and 4 spaces neither or these accurately represents the equal widths of the lines and spaces in the original image. The Fuji 100 slide although somewhat grainy in appearance does represent these equal widths very well. Also when it is viewed with a high magnification eyepiece even the 5.0 lp/mm grids can be seen to be composed of 5 lines and 4 spaces.

In the LR3.3 processed RAW image there is significantly less noise and fewer artefacts than in the Fine Quality JPEG. In spite of that, from my point of view I have too many other interesting things to do to be willing to spend hours post processing either RAW or JPEG images.

Finally I would like to express my gratitude to Detail Man for having given up so much of his valuable time and for putting so much effort into processing the RAW image from my FZ50 and providing detailed information on the procedure in this thread.


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J C Brown

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