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Re: Agree Great, but...

PhotoKhan wrote:

...The video is great and I really wish I could visit the same places, not only for the imagery opportunities but to actually be there...What journeys!

The concept is great and the music very well chosen and crafted into the project.


But, beautiful as it is, it suffers from "creator narcissism" an affliction that can conquer us all, where we are so much in love with the images we take that we can't get dissociation enough to see if they really "work", either by themselves or in the "narrative" context.


Some of the shots are redundant, non-descriptive or just edited to a too long screen time (...I would add that some are also too short but it might be the case that the raw footage was just that much long...)

There's no question. Generally, there were some spectacular scenery interrupted by some exceedingly plain or out of context shots. It is difficult for me to pull this together as a "journey" per se because it jumps around everywhere.

Examples of this is the first take of the splashing wave, right at the beginning, at 02:47, which does not add anything to the second splashing wave shot, coming next.

The redundancy should have been noted together with the fact that the horizon is not straight on that first one.

Also the scene with the flame juggling native dancers is just too long, turning it into a "failed descriptive" scene - after a while in a same-action shot, the viewer starts anticipating an "event" at the end of the shot. If the "event" is not there, the scene feels "wrong". The same screen time would be OK if there were multiple-angle shots of the same scene.

This are just 2 examples. There are other "problematic" shots throughout the movie.

I really feel the project should go through a revised editing, since the raw material and the concept are just too good to left "limp", as it is.

Overall, impressive and worthy enough for me to feel the need to write this constructive spirited critique.

No, I think your critique is dead on. I found some of the scenes to be repetitive to a fault and simply didn't work because of context, technical issues, and other reasons. First, I would revisit the storyboard, try to redact the message, and then critically edit out the disruptive sequences.

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