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Re: Just Posted: Olympus E-PL2 in-depth review

Overall a fair and accurate review.

I am upgrading from a point and shoot and new to more advanced cameras. I will be buing a mirrorless camera soon. It seems to me that the review left out some of the cameras most important features.

1)It does not highlight that this camera is part of the M4/3 format which means that it is associated with a open standard. The advantages to the consumer are that all lenses and bodies are interchagable. Also any maker can join the format. Why be locked into one company when you can have 2+ fighting for your business?

2)When comparing it to cameras that have APS-C sensors they state that performance is not as good. This is true but it does not mention that lenses are a lot smaller and less expensive than those models. For examples the sony nex zoom lens is huge and cost $800. For that price you can get the 2 lens kit with zoom. So the small m4/3 sensor is both a good and bad thing.

If I did not do research I would not know about those two attributes when buying a new mirrorless camera. Why were these not mentioned in the review?

Just my 2 cents.

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