DXO LX5 support up.

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Re: Examples of High Spatial-Frequency Subject Matter

silent tim wrote:
Very helpful indeed, its almost like a whole new camera.

That's great to hear! That has certainly been my own personal impression where it comes to my LX3 RW2 image-files. It absolutely transforms the LX3 ! My more bulky (and not DxO supported) FZ50 has been collecting dust ever since ... even thought the FZ50 has a larger and implicitly higher quality lens-system for things like wide-field and deep DOF landscape shots.

I have found that the LX3 + DxO yields very good and crisp results at up to around 6 Meters or so, and what are acceptable results for such a small lens-system in the far-field beyond 6 Meters or so (referenced to shooting at full wide-angle). The extra 90mm reach of the LX5 may also be helpful.

Please do post some DxO-processed LX5 images when you have some good ones !

Still not used to the very slow startup (LR is almost instant) but I can't argue with the results.

The final "developing" time is slower (compared to LR3), too (similar to Silkypix SE and Pro). Apparently, LR3 accomplishes most of the number-crunching while previewing and adjusting - and thus has less number-crunching to do in generating an output image-file ...

But I ( personally) find that it is well worth the wait to achieve such high-quality results ! ...

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