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Internet Browser choice for viewing this forum

Hello all,

I wonder if anyone else has noticed this. Like many of us, I'm running Windows 7 64-bit. I strongly prefer Firefox as my internet browser of choice. However, Firefox 3.6.13 (and I suspect all of the 3.X or at least > = 3.5 versions) is very annoying when viewing this discussion forum.

It's one simple symptom that is so annoying that I actually cannot use my browser of choice to visit here. Firefox apparently cannot scroll the view of this forum without getting really jumpy. Also it gets very sluggish in text-entry boxes, like this one for posting. Sometimes the longer one writes the slower it gets.

So I've changed over to only viewing dpreview talk forums in 64-bit Internet Explorer. I HATE Internet Explorer and would never use it again if i didn't have to. But I must admit it is drawing and scrolling this forum smoothly, so that's what I have to do. My eyes would soon be ruined if I stuck with Firefox's current inability to smoothly scroll the larger pics (but it's even noticeable with an image-less thread).

I have a feeling it's not really the browser's fault entirely, and that site code could be improved in ways that might benefit everyone's viewing -- for in truth even the performance in my IE64 window is kind of sluggish. And by the way, this is on a 4GHz machine with 12Gb of memory and a high end video card, so I don't suspect the hardware at all, and it's a fresh new Windows installation so I don't suspect system bloat in any way.

Things that probalby could be improved, I'm not entirely sure, but I would bet the javascript that provides the image-expanding-and-contracting ability could use a look over, and perhaps something similar for the code that displays the ads in the sidebar. It seems to be mainly images of any sort that are causing the rendering problem.

Of course for now I could just say it's Firefox and keep using a whole separate browser for just this site only... but this is the ONLY site that forces me to do this. So I wanted to bring it up.

I wanted to put this out there to hear any other users' comments rather than immediately bring it to the attention of site management, in case I'm missing something or could gain a broader perspective first. I'm not mistaking this for the correct place to put an actual query to site admins.


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