Smart phone camera test?

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Smart phone camera test?

Hi Dpreview staff,

As you probably are aware, smartphone cameras are improving by leaps and bounds.

My iphone 3gs 3mp camera takes very good photos and decent vga quality videos. The iphone 4 takes 5mp stills and 720p video and from evaluating online samples, I'd say its still capability actually exceeds my old 5mp Nikon coolpix 5000 of 10 years ago and its video far exceeds it!

Probably not what camera vendors want to hear, but I find myself leaving my compact cameras at home more and more, and when I upgrade to my iphone 4 next month when my plan allows it, I am debating whether the upgrade from my pany lx3 to an lx5 or Olympus xz-1 is worth it for 80% of my shots.

Any chance of doing a smartphone camera test, iphone 3gs, iphone 4, and the higher end Droid offerings?

I think we are at most one smartphone generation spin away from seriously challenging even higher end compact cameras and are at parity with the low end of the compact camera market right now.

Its the future convergence trend you may want to get out in front of.

thoughts, discussion, hate mail?



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