Recommended home studio kit?

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Re: Recommended home studio kit?

corei5 wrote:

580ex II is quite expensive for me at the moment and I'm planning to save up some money for my lens. I know flash set up is very portable than a proper studio kit.

whats the difference between Nissin Di866 and Canon 430ex II, which one is more powerful between the two?

The Di866 is more powerful than the EX580 II and has the same functionality. The Di622 is more powerful than the EX430 II and has the same functionality. The Nissin flash units are about $100-$200 cheaper than their Canon counterparts.

I found this basic lightning on jessops cost £199 but I dont know if its good.

The 150 Ws strobes are too weak for much studio work beyond head shots unless you are willing to use ISO 200-800. You will be doing the same thing with flash units, but their battery power gives you the flexibility to use them anywhere that you won't have with the Interfit kit. That flexibility is worth working at ISO 200-800 instead of at ISO 100. For some strobes, like the Vivitar 285HV, you can use external battery packs, which are easy to make. The external battery packs decrease the recharge time and give you more flashes between battery recharges.

If you are only going to work in a studio, and not transport your lights or work out of doors, then get a 300 Ws studio light kit with softboxes between 24" and 36". My softboxes are 100x100 cm (37"x37") on 300 Ws lights and I can work with a single light 2 m from the subject at 1/2 power, ISO 100, and at f/8-f/11. That is because my softboxes are brand new. As they age I will have to go to higher power or ISO because the silvery lining will tarnish some.

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