CCD Cleaning and the SpeckGrabber

Started Nov 14, 2002 | Discussions thread
Mike Sommers Regular Member • Posts: 448
Great Review at

Check it out...


Steve Whitlow wrote:

Having just bought my D100 and forced with the realization that a
dirty CCD is a reality, I figured I would try the speckgrabber
before braving it out with the Wendy's knife and cleaning
solution...solution. I had two decent size particles clinging to
the CCD and without the power adapter (speckgrabber says it works
on active CCDs) I blotted both off within seconds. A bright shot of
a white door confirmed the removal. The pro version is $9, the
regular is only $2, save yourself $7, the only difference is the
rubber handle. Afterwards, I took the sg and tested it out on a
lens, the dust jumpes off the lens, it's pretty neat. To clean the
sg off, you just put it under the sink. Now...I'll just wait until
the CCD is too dirty and then we'll try the real cleaning.


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