Is 18MP it?

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Re: Is 18MP it?

macky patalinghug wrote:

Is 18MP the apsc sensor limit?

No reason it would be.

Or at least for now or the next two years?

Now, but not for long.

Canon has four apsc bodies w/ an 18MP sensor. I think this is the first time this has happened. Sony, Canon's main rival, can only go up to 16MP something for their apsc sensor.

I'm not sure what that's supposed to mean: "can" only go up to ... they "do" only go up to 16MP right now. We have no idea what they can go up to.

Does this imply anything to you?

Nothing at all. The dxomark scores for the Sony 16MP sensor are stunning (as seen in the Nikon D7000, Pentax K-5 and Sony A580). Dxoscores for Sony's relatively new 14.2 MP sensor found in the NEXes and the A560 score lower.

Also, regarding lens sharpness, dxomark has a comparison test of 50mm lenses and on the conclusion page, shows a comparison of the Canon 50/1.4 on 10MP, 15MP and 18MP Canon sensors, and the recorded detail increases as expected.

Or is this just a lull and before long 20MPs will be leaping right into our faces.

Yup. Expect to see 20+ MP Sony sensor in the Sony A77 and probably something from Nikon (D400 ?) this fall.

I hope 18MP will be the standard for awhile so the high clean ISO race will now begin.

The clean high ISO race had been ongoing. Per pixel noise isn't what's important. By asking for MP counts to stop increasing, you're effectively saying you have enough to make prints of whatever size you need. And if that's the case, then you shouldn't be concerned with per-pixel noise.

A possible side benefit of dense pixels: I've seen it suggested that once photosite sizes drop enough, the need for an anti-aliasing filter goes away.

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