Tips for using Canon 85/1.2 with single-point autofocus?

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Tips for using Canon 85/1.2 with single-point autofocus?

Hey all,

I got a Canon EF 85 mm f/1.2 L USM lens recently, and have been shooting random things to get used to it. I was aware that its autofocus is not speedy. I was surprised however to see that the AF is almost unusable when single-point AF is selected.

When using the centre AF point on my 5D II, it seems to work decent. However when I select one of the other AF points, in particular the far left or right points, the AF "hunts" for focus very badly, often missing entirely and pegging at full travel.

I am aware of the difference between the centre and other AF points on the body. However on my other lenses (such at 17-40/4, 70-200/4, and 60/2.8), I've never had much problem using single-point AF, unless it was very dark. In this case with the 85/1.2, I'm focusing on clearly visible edges of objects in bright light, such as window or brick edges on the side of a building.

Is this behaviour normal? If so, what are some tricks to help work around it aside from manual focus? (There are some cases where I can't use MF, as I have a weather cover over the lens---the recent tests were such a case.)

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