Possible why to plastic body on 60D

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Possible why to plastic body on 60D

Hi..! I’m an electrician and work in many mechanical/electrical fields specializing in repair and diagnosis or PM of operational failures associated with large complex equipment. That being said camera design is far removed from my field of expertise. So what I present here might be far from the facts, hopefully more food for thought.

I was looking through a trade magazine today. An article caught my eye as in I deal with this issue in my work. I started wondering if this might not apply to camera design and one of several reasons why Canon went to a plastic composite body on the 60D.

One reason was cost. But the cameras we have today are more a group of computers controlling different operations to end up at a certain result. Far removed from the mechanical assemblies of a decade or 2 ago.

As electronics in the cameras get more complex. The issue of EMI might be a limiting factor in insuring that the camera performs all it’s functions well.

Interference from without or self generated might contribute to poor AF function in certain cases (Front and back focus).

The magnesium bodies of earlier XXD bodies might have been a good shield up to a point but has reached it’s limit. Where plastic is just starting to show it’s worth, limited to the EMI shielding potential of the design and technique of shielding used.

Like I said I don’t know near enough about camera design to know how relevant EMI is to cameras. I hope other posters might know.

The article I read was.



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