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Re: A reflection and .....

If you look beyond just the focal length range, and consider apertures and zooms, there are gaps in the m43 lens line-up when compared to APS-C:

No wonder! It is completely new and has been here for 2,5 years. So you expect this?

  • no very wide rectilinear primes (eg: 10mm or 12mm).

  • no fast really wide primes or zooms (eg: like the Tokina 11-16/2.8 for APS-C). Yes, we have the Panasonic 14/2.8 and Oly 17/2.8 but reviews are mixed and they're not really wide.

  • no fast fisheye (like the Nikkor 10.5/2.8 in APS-C).

  • no fast AF normal or long zooms (unless you want to use 4/3 lenses with an adapter, which don't AF very quickly).

I don't expect that within that timeframe. Neverthless they have taken a "bright zoom" and ""bright Wide Angle" into consideration according to their lens roadmap.

Focussing of what they do not have after such a short time is a bit peculiar if you ask me. And it does not stop with a complete line up, they also have veru good optimized lenses for video, which seems to be the systems strength. Compactsize, good IQ (not pro) adn very good video capabilities.

Although each APS-C manufacturer has a different mount, it's never been a problem for third-party manufacturers to support multiple mounts. Lens' optical designs appear to be the same for the same lens that is sold in different mounts (eg: Sigma 30/1.4). So, even though there are multiple APS-C mounts, there are economies to be had in developing a lens designed for APS-C coverage, and building them with different mounts. When you consider how many Canon and Nikon APS-C cameras there are, it's a lucrative market for lens makers to enter.

For Sigma and Tamron yes. I agree that a lens of one of these taylored for m4/3s would be nice, but it is by no means necessary. Remember we have Panasonic, Olympus and Leica to develop dedicated lenses for the system. That should suffice. And lets wait and see how much effort Sigma is putting into the m4/3 lens they will develop.

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