Here's your A77, sort of.

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I see your point but...

copejorg1 wrote:

OldClicker wrote:

fjbyrne wrote:

I knew I would find something I didn't like

It looks like there is no longer a dedicated exposure mode dial. I use this all the time. I hope there is a reasonable alternative.

I hope it's gone (and in Quick-Nav). I hate that switch almost as much as the focus select switch on the front. (At least you can see the exposure dial.) - TF

I agree.

Hopefully, this model will feature a set of custom memory banks for user-defined configurations that can be saved to positions on the mode dial (as on the A850/900). And every camera setting that has its own physical switch or knob (AF mode, Metering mode, SSS, etc) is just one more setting that can't be saved as part of a custom configuration. So get rid of all of 'em, I say.

Much better, IMO, to have those settings accessed by pressing a button (a dedicated button, if possible), then scrolling to the desired setting using one of the control wheels.


I see the point with the memory but it is nice to be able to feel what mode the camera is in. Unfortunately that doesn't work well with the memory banks. Maybe with the EVF there will be (optionally) more info to be displayed and so it will be easy to see what your setting are.

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