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Re: the notion that its a hugely long register is ridiculous and debunked.

backflipbobn2 wrote:

Riley wrote:

ratio of register / sensor diagonal
Sigma SA 44 / 24.88 = 1.76
Canon APSC 44 / 26.62mm = 1.64
Nikon APSC 46.5 / 27.76mm = 1.67
Olympus 4/3rds 38.58 / 21.64mm = 1.78

ratio of register / sensor height
Sigma SA 44 / 13.8mm = 3.18
Canon APSC 44 / 14.9mm = 2.95
Nikon APSC 46.5 / 15.46mm = 3.00
Olympus 4/3rds 38.58 / 13mm = 2.96

your original statement responded to this in yellow

I think that people here tend to forget that Oly went both for a better, more precise AF system, and shorter register, thus increasing flexibility

and your reply was (and not the first use of it)

Relative to the sensor size, a hugely long register. If they really wanted to 'keep faith', they could have returned to a modernised Pen-F mount, which was 10 mm shorter than the FT mount

The fact of what was written and what I replied is not in dispute. The statement was made that Oly went for a 'shorter' register.

well unless 38+mm has sudenly become more than 44mm, thats right

I pointed out that in relation to sensor size it is hugely long, and it is. Longer even than FF mounts being used with sensors less than half the size of the ones that they were designed to work with.

which you have been told many times is wrong, its the same as any other crop sensor

now as we know, virtually the entire market is dominated by the format APSC. And the four thirds ratio of sensor height to register is actually straddled by Canon and Nikon ratios for the same

But everyone and his dog uses sensor diagonal, not height for this comparison, since it is the diagonal which determines the image circle required and hence the optical characteristics of the lens. Still, if you want to play it that way:

my dog would never do that, you might recall LW/PH etc nobody uses width

so applying your hugely long register statement to Olympus specifically (as you have done before) and not to the greater part of the industry is a complete distortion of the situation extant. This table above describes that position with clarity

A complete distortion when you compare with systems using half size sensors on 35mm mounts? When on your own measure the FT mount is the longest bar one,

in height, its between canon and nikon

and on the two other measures, including the relevant one, it is the longest by a fair margin? Cherry picking to reach an absurd conclusion once again, a staple Chuckle gag.

ah well backflip, you can always backflip back again and still be right

The Crop formats have very long register distances, due to the use of a mount designed for a large format. FT has relatively and even longer mount distance.

The problem is that it makes fast normal primes very tough and compact WA's even harder. Witness, for instance the Olympus 7-14/4 versus the Nikon 14-24/2.8. Three stops extra speed to Nikon.

Olympus appear to have done quite well against their APSC competition in the tough area of UWA, somehow that doesnt rate a mention

No, because it's is irrelevent to whether the mount register is very long or not, so why should I gratuitously include an irrelevancy just to satisfy your inability to be in any way objective about Olympus products.

it was you that brought up the concept of Olympus 7-14/4 versus the Nikon 14-24/2.8, I simply commented that 4/3rds is very well serviced for WA / UWA lenses, in excess to the position to APSC

Not really. Olympus has two UWA zooms and no primes available whereas APS-C has plenty of UWA zooms from both the OEM's and independents. The truth is, FT is behind in temrs of choice.

hmm well, 7-14, 9-18, 11-22, seems like a full rack to me. What does APSC offer, 10-22 and get the rest from 3rd party f/8 lenses

The Sigma 8-16 shows what can be done with an ultrawide in APS-C and is as good as anything Olympus has at comparable size and price (so long as it's a good copy,

fine if you dont mind shooting at f/8

Every tester except you++ thinks otherwise. As SLRGear said

which was easily refuted with actual images, it may well be the best UWA sigma have offered, but the glowing marketing fluff from SLRGear cannot hide its an f8 lens

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