Nikon D90 replace top LCD cover

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Nikon D90 replace top LCD cover

I have Nikon D90 for an about 2,5 years,last year,I've had broken-cracked(no holes) top display plastic cover.

I called nikon,they told that I have to send the camera for service,and it will coast about 200$ and time without the camera for me.

So I found on e-bay the replacement original plastic cover with glue sticker for 20$ included shipping from states to Canada,after 10 days i got the cover via regular mail.

After verifying that I have the right part,by attaching it to the camera(didn't use the glued sticker witch came with the plastic cover) I start working...
Really it took for me an about 20-25 min time, easy,no rush work.

+The tools I've used- Brain,Hands, my wives hair fan,my wives tweezers,my wives polish remover,new blade from utility knife,cotton ear cleaners,sunglasses cloth cleaner and peace of thin cardboard from one of the boxes.

1. I removed battery,and memory card from camera,just kept the lens with cover,just in case.

2.I took the hair dryer turn it ON on max heat,but kept it away from the camera,pointed to broken top cover plastic,thru the square hole on the cardboard peace,to melt the old glue and to pull the cover away from camera.I used the cardboard peace with a square hole ,size of the replacement cover plastic,to protect my camera,from over heating,when I was blowing hot air.I just held my hand beside to feel how hot it was,didn't wont to melt camera's body cover.

3. After an about 10-15 seconds,blowing hot air,I took the utility Knife's blade and tried to catch one of the corners of old broken cover by pushing the blade deep inside,and lifting up the cover.I helped my self with tweezers and it worked.

4. After removing the old cover,most of the old glue was gone together with old cover,I put on top of unprotected LCD display the other square peace of cardboard(the leftover peace I just cut from the big peace of cardboard.)All that to protect the LCD display,I took the cotton ear cleaners, depth in Polish Remover just a little bit,to keep it wet,but not dripping,and start cleaning the leftover glue on my camera,it took for me 5-6 depth's .

5. I took the hair blower again,turned ON on min heat,just to dry the wet,polish remover before I start gluing the new cover.I removed the peace of cardboard from LCD display,cleaned up with sunglasses cloth cleaner,picked up with tweezers any bigger peaces of dust/dirt,checked that my new plastic cover is clean before I glued in.(just making sure I'm not pushing to much on LCD and not scratching it)

6. I took the DOUBLE side sticker witch came with new cover,and glued it on the LCD display area by using tweezers.By using tweezers I removed the other paper from the double sticker,and it's ready to get a new cover.

7. I took the new LCD cover by holding it from the edges,same way you hold the DVD disc(you don't wont to leave finger print on it forever there.)and put it on the LCD display,making sure it's perfect square, I pushed a little bit with my finger,making sure it's not moving any more.

8. I took the hair blower again and heated the new cover for 5-8 seconds thru the same cardboard hole,and pushing a little bit on the new cover to attach it better.
9. It's well done,and you don't even notice it was repaired some time.
It's a long story to write,but not to do.
I'll try to upload some pictures witch I made during the repair.

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