How can I do double exposure on my 7D?!

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nosferatugfx wrote:

Because editing a photo is not a good thing.

Wow! Tell that to Ansell Adams. A good thing we have you to tell us what is good.

Real Photographers do not edit their shots unless they are shooting it for a commercial or something.

Again, it's just great that we have you to tell us who the real photographers are. I'd better tell my local bookshop to move the Ansell Adams books out of the photography section.

As you may know only very very basic editing such as small levels curves editing are allowed in any kind of photography competitions, press photographs, etc. National geographic photographers never use editing. It is something like a tradition coming from film photography and a tribute to it also. A photograph cannot be edited. You should do everything inside the camera.

So there's a difference between editing a photo "inside the camera" and editing it in Photoshop?

I am not against photoshop, but photography is something different.

Once again, thank goodness we have the arbiter of all things photographic to set us straight.

You can make any stupid shot look awesome in photoshop. That is not photograhy. Photography needs eye, needs creativity, needs patience and knowledge.

This sounds right (not the bit about making any stupid shot look awesome in Photoshop).

Real photographers shoot something and that frame is the best ever possible.

This doesn't.

You cant improve it. That is how to be a photographer.

I bow before your superior wisdom.

So you should see my point. Including a in camera multiple exposure mode would allow real photographers to work more creatively.

Because if you post process in the camera, you're a real photographer, but if you do the exact same thing on a computer, you're not (conveniently ignoring the fact that the camera has a computer in it). I see. And now, perhaps, you'll tell us how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?

Edit: It just occurred to me that your whole post might have been ironic (because it was otherwise just too stupid to have been serious). If so, my apologies for initially missing the point. If not, I look forward to the angels on a pinhead answer

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