DIY a LEGO IR Remote Controller for Sony NEX-5

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DIY a LEGO IR Remote Controller for Sony NEX-5


I made an IR remote controller for NEX-5. Here is the picture:

It’s actually a ‘sound wave to infrared signal converter’. Before use it to control the NEX-5, you’ll have to ‘record’ the IR signal into sound wave. For more information of such device, please check this blog: ‘World’s cheapest remote control replicator: just 1$ !’ by jumpjack ( ).

I’ve already record the shutter release and 2 sec. delay shutter release signal in WAV, AIFF and MP3 format (here is the zip compressed file: ). You can playback the sound file from any MP3 player, iPod/iPhone/iPad, Android phone, PSP,… to control your NEX-5.

Here is how the sound file looks like on the HTC Desire android phone:

Of course, this ‘controller’ can be used to control almost any IR device, as long as you have the proper IR signal in sound wave format.

The schematic is pretty simple, you only need two IR LEDs ( I got those from old remote controllers), and one stereo audio plug or jack:

By the way, there’s a problem of the IR port. If someone nearby is using a remote controller, your device might also react to the controller. That’s not good. Therefor, I think it’s better to cover the IR port when using it.

Fortunately, the IR port on NEX-5 is just about the height of one LEGO brick:

We can put the IR LEDs blow one brick, that’s the exact location of the IR sensor, and cover it.

Here are the parts I use:

Solder the IR LEDs to audio jack:

The other side:

Put them into one brick and stuff a small piece of eraser into the empty space behind the audio jack.

Finally, connect a stereo cable to the LEGO IR controller and MP3 player.

Have fun

I tried to connect the IR controller with a stereo Bluetooth headset to control NEX-5 wirelessly; however, it doesn’t work

The ping pong ball diffuser is a replica of the idea from virodri, works great! Check this:

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