5dII Blotchy Shadows on side of face

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Re: 5dII Blotchy Shadows on side of face

Its RKM wrote:

A single global brightness control is extremely limited compared to any monitor that I have ever seen, let alone considered buying. As an absolute minimum you need to have both black and white points adjustable on the monitor before calibration, and the more you can set up on the screen itself, the less you are reliant on calibration through manipulation of limited depth digital data.

The calibration works well and the luminance is adjusted by the LUT table settings and visually I can say it works really well. If the spyder 3 cannot calibrated it will give a warning and none was given. But as mentioned this is normal and the new HP 30" monitor also has only this single control and all other 30" monitors I have seen.

If you have very color sensitive work and only buy the most expensive Lacie monitors, this is another case, but for editing "normal" photographs a good 30" monitors works well imho as long as it is calibrated.

But you have not explained why you consider my recent posts is related to my monitor and the calibration of it.

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