Remote Control of DSLR with IPAD software

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Re: Remote Control of DSLR with IPAD software

Sure, I get that, and we have a studio. But what is the difference between seeing the view/image on the computer that is connected to the camera, and seeing it remotely on your iPad/Phone which is wireless?

Tom_N wrote:

JulesJ wrote:

So you have to have the camera connected to a computer, and that is connected wirelessly to your iPad. Hmmmn, is that very useful? not much good for out of doors photgraphy is it? Only really any good if you want to take a picture near your PC really isn't it? Am I missing something here?

You're missing that for people who have studio setups, a desktop or laptop computer may be a (semi-)permanent fixture, just like the studio lights or tripod-mounted flashes. In which case it is only the remote control ("iPad") that needs to be portable.

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